Blahblahteacakes is a collection of the rantings and ramblings of MissE, a 30-something Sydney native who somehow ended up in sunny Newcastle with a husband, two kids and a half-renovated house. Writing is mostly a hobby, but personal blog aside she’s been published in a couple of different places, including – under a different name – a couple of posts on a now-defunct smh blog, where she famously admitted she’d never seen Star Wars and got told off by a whole mess of geeks …

The name blahblahteacakes is a play on an expression used a lot in old recaps at Television Without Pity, a (now defunct) site and forum she used to spend way too much time at.

The opinions here are obviously her own, and you are more than welcome to disagree with any or all of them, and even invited to state why you do so in the comments. Just don’t be an asshole – assholes are boring.

Declarations of love, job offers and all other correspondence can be sent to blahblahteacakes at gmail dot com.

She can’t promise you victory, she can’t promise you good times, but stick around anyway: there might be a joke or something.


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